Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics


This year the members of the committee are:

Wesley G. Bush

Miguel Alemán Velasco**
Natalya A. Bailey*
Charles F. Bolden, Jr.**
Ashton B. Carter
Charles Elachi**
Arthur Gelb^
Brian G. R. Hughes
Greg Hyslop**
Steven J. Isakowitz*
D. Keoki Jackson*
Pamela A. Melroy*
Amy R. Pritchett*
Daniel J. Schwinn*
Megan J. Smith
Martin Y. Tang
Claire J. Tomlin**
Sarah Willoughby**
Janet C. Wolfenbarger
Anita Xiao Qi Wu
Greg Wyler**

Names without asterisks indicate nominees from the Corporation
^ = Life Member Emeritus Fellows
* = Nominees from the Association of Alumni and Alumnae of MIT
** = Nominees from the President