Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, which is charged with "responsibility for general administration and superintendence of all matters relating to the Corporation," meets regularly during the academic year. Chaired by the Chair of the Corporation, the Executive Committee includes no fewer than seven nor more than ten other members who shall serve for a term of one year, the President, the Executive Vice President and Treasurer of the Corporation, and the chair of the Investment Company Management Board, ex officio. The Secretary of the Corporation serves as the Secretary of the Executive Committee. The meetings are regularly attended by the Provost.

The agenda of the Executive Committee typically includes such topics as developments in interdisciplinary education and research; student recruitment, admissions and financial aid policies; student life; campus planning; external relations; the sponsorship of research; and changes in the senior administration. The Committee devotes substantial time to the discussion of budget processes, financial planning, and the management and enhancement of the Institute's resources.


This year the members of the committee are:

Robert B. Millard
Ex Officio

L. Rafael Reif
Ex Officio

Denis A. Bovin
Ex Officio

Alan Leventhal
Ex Officio

Noubar Afeyan
Nancy C. Andrews
Wesley G. Bush
Ashton B. Carter
R. Erich Caulfield
Orit Gadiesh
Mark P. Gorenberg
Indra Nooyi
David M. Siegel
John A. Thain

Suzanne L. Glassburn
Regular Guest

Martin A. Schmidt
Regular Guest

Mark C. DiVincenzo
Regular Guest