Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, pursuant to authority delegated from the Corporation, has the responsibility of overseeing the general administration and superintendence of all matters relating to the Institute including, among others, the scope and excellence of the Institute’s educational and research programs; performance of the Institute’s administration; financial planning, annual operating budget including tuition and financial aid, capital budget, and debt policy of the Institute; investment of the Institute’s endowment and other financial assets and distributions from the endowment; construction, maintenance, and renovation of the Institute’s buildings, grounds, facilities, and utilities; acquisition, disposition, development, and management of the Institute’s real property; organizational structure of the Institute and the Institute’s policies, systems, and controls for operations, financial reporting, risks and risk-management, audit, legal affairs, and compliance; special contract services for the Federal government and other organizations; and approval of tenure decisions and approval of such faculty and staff appointments and salaries as the Executive Committee from time to time directs.

The Executive Committee consists of five ex officio members—the Chair of the Corporation, the President, the Executive Vice President and Treasurer of the Corporation, the Chair of the Investment Management Company Board, and the Chair of the Risk and Audit Committee—and no fewer than seven nor more than 10 additional members of the Corporation. The Chair of the Corporation is the chair of the Executive Committee.


This year the members of the committee are:

Mark P. Gorenberg
Ex Officio

Sally Kornbluth
Ex Officio

Glen Shor
Executive Vice President and Treasurer
Ex Officio

Paul Marcus
Ex Officio

Alan G. Spoon
Risk and Audit Committee Chair
Ex Officio

Noubar Afeyan
Wesley G. Bush
R. Erich Caulfield
Leslye Miller Fraser
Orit Gadiesh
Fariborz Maseeh
David M. Siegel

Regular Guests

Rachel J. Donahue
Secretary of the Corporation

Cynthia Barnhart

Mark C. DiVincenzo
Vice President and General Counsel