Corporation Joint Advisory Committee on Institute-Wide Affairs (CJAC)

The Corporation Joint Advisory Committee on Institute-Wide Affairs (CJAC), established in 1969, is the only Corporation committee on which current faculty and students serve. CJAC serves as a conduit for the flow of information on Institute-wide matters of long-range importance to the MIT Community.

CJAC consists of up to 20 voting members, including:

  • Four ex officio members: the MIT Alumni Association President; Chair of the Faculty; Undergraduate Association President; and Graduate Student Council President;
  • Up to seven additional members of the Corporation, one of whom may be a non-voting emeritus member;
  • Five additional members of the faculty; and
  • Two undergraduate students selected by the Undergraduate Association and two graduate students selected by the Graduate Student Council.



Susan Whitehead

James A. Champy
John W. Jarve
Colin O. Webb, II
C.J. Whelan, III
Mark S. Wrighton
Anita Wu

Ex Officio Members

Danielle Geathers, Undergraduate Association President
Adam Joseph Miller, Graduate Student Council President
Lily Tsai, Chair of the Faculty
Annalisa L. Weigel, MIT Alumni Association President

Student Representatives

Anushree Chaudhuri, Undergraduate Association
Kiara Wahnschafft, Undergraduate Association
Bianca Lepe, Graduate Student Council
Madeleine Sutherland, Graduate Student Council

Faculty Representatives

Lorna Gibson
David I. Kaiser
John Ochsendorf
Kristala Prather
Ray E. Reagans