Bylaws: Section 20

Section 20

Corporation Joint Advisory Committee on Institute-Wide Affairs (CJAC)

CJAC shall consist of up to 20 voting members, which members shall include the following:

Four ex officio members: the MIT Alumni Association President; Chair of the Faculty; Undergraduate Association President; and Graduate Student Council President;

Up to seven additional members of the Corporation, one of whom may be a non-voting emeritus member, who shall be nominated by the Governance and Nominations Committee from the members of the Corporation and shall be elected by the Corporation;

Five additional members of the faculty; and

Four additional student members who shall be two undergraduate students selected by the Undergraduate Association and two graduate students selected by the Graduate Student Council.

The Chair of CJAC shall be nominated by the Governance and Nominations Committee from among the voting members nominated in Section 20.1.2 and shall be elected by the Corporation. The Chair shall preside at CJAC meetings and shall be responsible for convening and setting agendas for CJAC meetings.

CJAC shall provide advice to the Corporation on special Institute-wide matters requiring Corporation attention, and to report annually to members of the Corporation.

CJAC shall meet on a regularly scheduled basis, at least three times per year, and additionally as circumstances dictate. CJAC shall keep a record of its proceedings and may appoint a secretary for that purpose.

A quorum for any meeting of CJAC shall consist of a majority of the voting members.

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