Investment Management Company Board

On June 4, 2004, the MIT Corporation voted to establish the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investment Management Company (MITIMCo) to assume the duties of the Investment Committee of the Corporation. MITIMCo assumed these responsibilities on July 1, 2004.

MITIMCo is overseen by the Executive Committee, which appoints its governing board. The MITIMCo board is comprised of members of the Corporation and others with significant investment experience. The primary function of the MITIMCo board is to oversee the investments of the Institute's assets, specifically the endowment, the current funds, the pension assets, and other institutional assets.


This year the members of the MITIMCo Board are:

Paul Marcus (2025)

Mark P. Gorenberg
Chair of the Corporation
Ex Officio

Sally Kornbluth
Ex Officio

Glen Shor
Executive Vice President and Treasurer
Ex Officio

Seth Alexander
MITIMCo President
Ex Officio

David Abrams* (2027)
Armen A. Avanessians (2024)
Denis A. Bovin (2024)
Jeffrey S. Halis (2025)
Brooke Jones* (2027)
Adrianna C. Ma (2025)
John A. Thain (2026)
Sarah Williamson* (2027)

* Outside Directors

Mark DiVincenzo
VP and General Counsel
Regular Guest

Rachel J. Donahue
Regular Guest

Patrick Rowe
Senior Vice President of Real Estate, MITIMCo
Regular Guest

Michael Owu
Vice President of Real Estate, MITIMCo
Regular Guest

Marianthe S. Mewkill
Chief Financial Officer, MITIMCo
Regular Guest

Cynthia Barnhart
Regular Guest