All Members List


L. Rafael Reif


Suzanne L. Glassburn

Vice President and Secretary

Glen Shor

Executive Vice President
and Treasurer


Ex Officio Members

Annalisa Weigel

President of the Association of Alumni and Alumnae of MIT, 2021-22

Charles D. Baker, Jr.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

James A. Peyser

Secretary of Education
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Kimberly S. Budd

Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Chairs of the Corporation

Prior to 1930, the President of the Institute acted as presiding officer of the Corporation. For various periods since then, the Corporation has chosen a presiding officer from among its members.

For more information about the history of MIT, please visit the Institute Archives.

Diane B. Greene

Chair, 2020-present

Robert Millard, '73

Chairman, 2014-2020

John S. Reed, '61

Chairman, 2010-2014

Dana G. Mead, '67

Chairman, 2003-2010

Alexander V. d’Arbeloff, '49

Chairman, 1997-2003

Paul E. Gray, '54

Chairman, 1990-1997

David Stephen Saxon, '41

Chairman, 1983-1990

Howard Wesley Johnson HM

Chairman, 1971-1983

James Rhyne Killian, Jr., '26

Chairman, 1959-1971

Vannevar Bush, '16

Chairman, 1957-1959

Karl Taylor Compton HM

Chairman, 1948-1954

Samuel Wesley Stratton HM

Chairman, 1930-1931

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