Travel Reimbursement

The MIT Corporation Office offers to reimburse Corporation and Visiting Committee members for expenses incurred during travel to and from the Institute for Corporation and Visiting Committee meetings only (we are unfortunately unable to process travel reimbursements for Corporation Standing and Additional Committee meetings). All reimbursements are based on receipts and are made at the discretion of the Corporation Office, in accordance with MIT Travel Office policies.

Reimbursable expenses

  • Non-refundable economy air or rail fares (if you are traveling internationally, please contact
  • Travel reservation fees
  • Checked baggage fees (first checked bag only)
  • Hotel room charges (up to 2 nights for domestic travel and up to 3 nights for international travel, in room blocks at negotiated/MIT rate)
  • Hotel internet connections
  • Mileage for private automobiles (at prevailing IRS rate) and parking fees
  • Taxi (also including Uber and Lyft) and public transportation fares
  • Meals during travel to and from MIT (itemized receipts only, including for expenses billed to hotel rooms; per diem expenses do not apply)

Non-reimbursable expenses

  • Refundable economy class airfare
  • First class and business class airfare
  • Flights purchased using points/rewards earned from a frequent flyer program
  • Private aircraft
  • Travel change/upgrades fees
  • Hotel in-room minibar charges; premium channel charges
  • Limousine and premium car service charges
  • Rental cars
  • Telephone calls
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Other personal expenses

Making Travel Arrangements

We ask members to contact the Corporation Office — prior to making travel plans — with any questions about this policy or with any exceptional requests. Members who elect to travel in a class other than economy or who travel on multi-leg trips should obtain a printed price quote for a non-refundable economy fare for a round trip fare to Boston from their starting location. This documentation should be included with the request.

We urge all members to make transportation arrangements as early as possible to obtain reasonable rates for air travel. Corporation and Visiting Committee members may take advantage of special MIT travel rates through The Travel Collaborative by calling (617) 497-8196.

Submit Travel Reimbursement Online

Travel Reimbursement Request Form

Please be sure to include all requested details about your trip, as well as all receipts for every expense you are requesting reimbursement for. It is required by MIT that you save your original receipts for up to one year after you receive your reimbursement payment. Your travel reimbursement should be submitted within six weeks following the meeting.

Submit Travel Reimbursement Via Mail

If you would prefer to submit your reimbursement via mail, you must include a completed Travel Expense Voucher along with original copies of your receipts (however, it is strongly recommended that you submit your reimbursement request through the online form). Please send the travel expense voucher and all original copies of receipts to the following address:

The Office of the Corporation
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 7-203
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Whether submitting your travel reimbursement request online or via email, please note that expenses submitted after the six week deadline will not be processed. All reimbursements will be processed in 4 weeks upon receiving the request and all required materials.

Updated July 2018