Social Sciences


This year the members of the committee are:

John W. Jarve

Ken Alder**
Arunas A. Chesonis
John Dana Chisholm
Jean Comaroff**
Brit J. d’Arbeloff^
Daniel A. Gilbert*
Michael D. Gordin**
Rebecca M. Herzig*
Raymond Lau*
Michael McCormick** 
Sarah Melvin
Jacob Mizrahi*
Barry A. Newman*
Rayna Rapp**
Donald E. Shobrys
Lynn C. Todman*
Sylvia Yanagisako**
Songyee Yoon

As of July 9, 2019
    Names without asterisks indicate nominees from the Corporation
^ = Life Member Emeritus Fellows
* = Nominees from the Association of Alumni and Alumnae of MIT
** = Nominees from the President