Institute for Data, Systems, and Society


This year the members of the committee are:

Mark P. Gorenberg

James A. Champy^
Jennifer T. Chayes**
Fiona Chen
Heather Cogdell
Erica R. Fuchs*
Arthur Gelb^
Peter W. Glynn**
William W. Hogan**
Matthew O. Jackson**
Maria M. Klawe**
Tope O. Lawani
R. Preston McAfee**
Jim R. Miller*
Thomas J. Richardson*
Jeffrey L. Silver*
Hal R. Varian*
Annalisa Weigel
C.J. Whelan, III
Jeanette M. Wing*

Names without asterisks indicate nominees from the Corporation
^ = Life Member Emeritus Fellows
* = Nominees from the Association of Alumni and Alumnae of MIT
** = Nominees from the President