Department of Physics


This year the members of the committee are:

Annalisa L. Weigel

Cynthia S. Atherton*
Stephen Baker
Michael F. Bos*
Thomas A.J. Frank*
Danielle A. Geathers
Andrea M. Ghez*
Fabiola Gianotti**
L. Robert Johnson^
Robert Kirshner**
Robert W. Lourie*
Berndt Mueller**
Angela V. Olinto*
A. Neil Pappalardo^
J. Ritchie Patterson** 
John Preskill**
Philip T. Ragon
Neil E. Rasmussen
John S. Reed^
John S. Seo*
Juan-Carlos Torres Carretero*
C. Megan Urry**

Names without asterisks indicate nominees from the Corporation
^ = Life Member Emeritus Fellows
* = Nominees from the Association of Alumni and Alumnae of MIT
** = Nominees from the President