Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering


This year the members of the committee are:

Neil E. Rasmussen

David C. Aldrich*
Bahman Atefi*
Nicolas E. Chammas
Raymond L. Coxe, Jr.*
Norman E. Gaut^
John Gilleland**
John J. Grossenbacher**
Brian G.R. Hughes
Ralph Izzo**
Shirley Ann Jackson
John W. Jarve
Barbara T. Judge**
William J. Madia**
Vrajesh Y. Modi
Lisa J. Porter*
Arthur J. Samberg^
K. Anne Street*
Jennifer L. Uhle*
Steven J. Zinkle**

As of July 1, 2017
    Names without asterisks indicate nominees from the Corporation
^ = Life Member Emeritus Fellows
* = Nominees from the Association of Alumni and Alumnae of MIT
** = Nominees from the President